PsychExampleExperiments - Subfolder with real experiment scripts for
different tasks, contributed by users.

AlphaImageDemo - Simple demo of OpenGL alpha blending.
AlphaRotateDemo - A variant of AlphaImageDemoOSX, demonstrates rotated drawing.
ApriltagsDemo - Demonstrate use of the apriltag library for fiducial April tag marker tracking.
ArcDemo - Demonstrate the ‘FrameArc’, ‘FillArc’ functions.
ARToolkitDemo - Use ARToolkit to track and visualize 3D objects in live-video.
AudioTunnel3DDemo - Very sketchy demo on how to use OpenAL for 3D spatialized sound.
AudioTunnel3DDemo2 - Another sketchy demo on how to use OpenAL for 3D spatialized sound.
BasicAMAndMixScheduleDemo - Demonstrates basic use of sound schedules, volume controls, amplitude modulation and audio mixing of multiple voices.
BasicSoundChannelHoppingDemo - Demonstrates how to access individual channels of a multi-channel soundcard.
BasicSoundInputDemo - Demonstrate basic usage of PsychPortAudio() for sound capture.
BasicSoundOutputDemo - Demonstrate basic usage of PsychPortAudio() for sound playback.
BasicSoundPhaseShiftDemo - Demonstrate playback a live phase-shifted sine tone.
BasicSoundScheduleDemo - Demonstrate basic usage of sound schedules and buffers with PsychPortAudio().
BlurredMipmapDemo - Apply blurring via OpenGL mip-mapping to live video or movies.
BlurredVideoCaptureDemo - Demonstrate application of GPU accelerated image filters to live video.
BubbleDemo - Like GazeContingentDemoOSX, but with multiple apertures.
CalDemo - Demonstrate use of calibration structure and associated routines.
ClutAnimDemo - Demonstrate lookup table animation.
ContrastModulatedNoiseTheClumsyStyleDemo - Demonstrate creation of contrast modulated noise.
Clumsy and inefficient, but works on old hardware.

ContrastModulatedNoiseTheElegantStyleDemo - Demonstrate creation of contrast modulated noise.
Elegant and efficient, but needs recent hardware.

DatarecordingFromISCANDemo - Template for asynchronous data collection and timestamping of gaze samples from ISCAN eye tracker.
DatarecordingFromSerialPortDemo - Template for asynchronous data collection and timestamping from serial port.
DelayedSoundFeedbackDemo - Demonstrates a audio feedback loop via PsychPortAudio() with exactly controlled latency.
[DKLDemo](DKLDemo) - Demonstrate DKL color space.
DotDemo - Animate dots with Screen(‘DrawDots).
DotDemoStencil - Dot motion demo demonstrating use of stencil buffers.
DotRotDemo - Dot rotating motion demo.
DrawFormattedTextDemo - Demonstrate formatted text drawing via DrawFormattedText()
DrawFormattedText2Demo - Demonstrate formatted text drawing with more options via DrawFormattedText2()
DrawHighQualityUnicodeTextDemo - Demonstrate drawing of high quality, anti-aliased and Unicode text.
DrawManuallyAntiAliasedTextDemo - Manually anti-alias text for special purpose applications.
DrawMirroredTextDemo - Shows how to draw horizontally mirrored text.
DrawSomeTextDemo - Very simple example of using ‘DrawText’.
DriftDemo - Animation of grating using textures.
DriftDemo2 - More efficient animation of gratings using one texture.
DriftDemo3 - Even more efficient animation of gratings under some constraints.
DriftDemo4 - Very efficient animation of gratings on graphics hardware with shader support.
DriftDemo5 - Animation of dual-gratings via use of alpha blending and color masking.
DriftDemo6 - Very efficient animation of dual-gratings on graphics hardware with shader support.
DriftWaitDemo - Show how to optimally time animations.
ECVP2013 - Demos for the ECVP2013 beginner tutorial.
ErrorCatchDemo - How to handle errors gracefully (try/catch).
ExpandingRingsDemo - Shows how GLSL procedural textures can be used to
create some expanding rings stimulus.
FastFilteredNoiseDemo - Fast shader based noise filtering.
FastMaskedNoiseDemo - Like FastNoiseDemo, but the noise patch is
FastNoiseDemo - Demo and benchmark on how to quickly draw noise stimuli.
drawn through an aperture to demonstrate fast masking.
FitGammaDemo - Demonstrate gamma fitting routine FitGamma.
FontDemo - How to check for font availability and set font.
GarboriumDemo - Demonstrate superimposed drawing of many Gabors by use of alpha-
blending, ‘DrawTextures’ batch drawing and PTB imaging pipeline.
GazeContingentDemo - Implementation of a simple gaze contingent display
GPGPUDemos - Demos for use of GPGPU computing with Psychtoolbox.
GratingDemo - Basic display of a grating on the screen.
HDRMinimalisticOpenGLDemo - Basic demo on how to render OpenGL 3D stimuli on a HDR display.
HDRViewer - A simple image viewer for displaying HDR images on a HDR display.
ImageUndistortionDemo - Show how to do gpu accelerated geometric distortions on images.
ImageWarpingDemo - Show how to do gpu accelerated warping of image regions.
ImagingStereoMoviePlayer - Minimalistic movie player for stereo movies, also HDR and VR capable.
IsomerizationsInDishDemo - Compute photoreceptor isomerizations for retina in a dish.
IsomerizationsInEyeDemo - Compute photoreceptor isomerizations for human eye.
KbDemo - Demonstrate KbCheck, KbName, KbWait, the polling keyboard input functions.
KbQueueDemo - Record keyboard press/release, mouse/joystick button press/release in the background.
Kinect3DDemo - Capture data from a Kinect box and view it as a textured 3D point-cloud or mesh.
KinectDemo - Capture and display video and depths data from a Kinect box.
LinesDemo - Draw many lines efficiently, similar to DotDemo.
LineStippleDemo - Draw dotted and dashed lines.
MandelbrotDemo - Visualize the Mandelbrot fractal set by use
of a GLSL procedural texture.
MinExpEntStairDemo - Demo if use of a minimum expected entropy staircase procedure.
MouseMotionRecordingDemo - Record mouse motion via KbQueues.
MouseTraceDemo - Track mouse around screen and draw contour.
MouseTraceDemo2 - More efficient tracking of mouse around screen drawing contour.
MouseTraceDemo3 - Like MouseTraceDemo2, but for multiple mice.
MovieDemos - Subfolder: Demos on how to use movie playback.
MovingLineDemo - Shows some horizontally moving lines to demonstrate flat panel display artifacts.
MultiTouchDemo - Shows how to get (multi-)touch input from touchscreens and touchpads.
MultiTouchMinimalDemo - Shows a more minimal example of how to get (multi-)touch input from touchscreens and touchpads.
MultiTouchPinchDemo - Shows how to detect and handle a two-finger pinch gesture on a touchscreen.
NomogramDemo - Compute photoreceptor nomograms.
OldNewRecogExp - A full old-new recognition experiment.
OpenEXRImages - Subfolder: OpenEXR HDR sample image files.
OpenGL4MatlabDemos - Subfolder: Demos on how to use MOGL OpenGL functions.
PanelFitterDemo - Demonstrate use of the builtin panel fitter.
ProceduralColorGratingDemo - Demo for fast drawing of color gratings.
ProceduralGaborDemo - Demo for fast drawing of Gabors via procedural textures.
ProceduralGarboriumDemo - Same as GarboriumDemo, just with procedural gabor drawing.
ProceduralNoiseDemo - Demo for fast drawing of noise patches via procedural texturing.
ProceduralSmoothedApertureSineGratingDemo - Demo for fast drawing of smoothed aperture sine grating.
ProceduralSmoothedDiscsDemo - Demo for fast drawing of smoothed aperture discs.
ProceduralSmoothedDiscMaskDemo - Demo for fast drawing of smoothed aperture disc used as a mask.
ProceduralSquareWaveDemo - Demo for fast drawing of square wave grating.
PsychExampleExperiments - Samples of real experiments, often contributed by users.
PsychRTBoxDemo - Demonstrates basic use of the RTBox reaction time button response box.
PsychTutorials - Tutorials on how to achieve certain effects.
RaspberryPiGPIODemo - Show basic use of GPIO’s on a RaspberryPi running Raspian GNU/Linux.
ReceivingTriggerFromSerialPortDemo - Template for asynchronous trigger collection and timestamping from serial port.
RenderDemo - Render CIE xyY as a color patch.
SadowskiDemo - Shows the “Sadowski” color afterimage effect.
SimpleHDRDemo - Minimal demo for using a HDR display, showing some basic stimuli.
SimpleHDRLinuxStereoDemo - Like SimpleHDRDemo, but with Linux/X11 stereo hack for stereoscopic HDR stimulation.
SimpleImageMixingDemo - Shows how to mix two images via alpha-blending, using an alpha-mask which itself is morphed between two masks.
See also ImageMixingTutorial for a more complex demonstration of the technique.
SimpleSoundScheduleDemo - Simple demo for basic use of sound schedules with PsychPortAudio.
SimpleVoiceTriggerDemo - Demo of a simple voice trigger with PsychPortAudio.
SpriteDemo - Animates an image that follows the mouse.
StereoDemo - Drive stereo-displays e.g., CrystalEyes.
StereoViewer - A simple viewer for stereo image pairs.
TurnTableDemo - Nurture your inner DJ! Some demo of advanced PsychPortAudio use and PowerMate use.
ValetonVanNorrenDemo - Exercise our code that implements the V-VN (1983) cone adaptation model.
VideoCaptureDemo - Simple demo for video capture functions.
VideoCaptureToMatlabDemo - Demo of returning live captured video to Octave or Matlab as image matrices.
VideoDelayLoopMiniDemo - Delayed visual feedback with controllable delay.
VideoDVCamCaptureDemo - Demonstrate video capture and recording from DV consumer cameras.
VideoIPWebcamCaptureDemo - Demo video capture from an Android device via the Android IPWebcam app.
VideoMultiCameraCaptureDemo - Demo of time-synchronized high-perf capture and recording from multiple firewire cameras on Linux and OSX.
VideoOfflineCaptureDemo - Capture video into internal memory, then return it after stop of capture.
VideoRecordingDemo - Record captured video to movie files, possibly with audio.
VideoTextureExtractionDemo - Use video capture + some computer based tracking to extract textures of objects in video.
VignettingCorrectionDemo - Demonstrate how to do display devignetting aka per-pixel gain correction.
VRHMDDemo - Demonstrate how to use a Virtual reality head mounted display in the most basic way.

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