Demonstrate use of built-in [GStreamer](GStreamer) video capture engine to capture first
into memory, then retrieve corresponding video textures after end of capture.

VideoOfflineCaptureDemo([fullscreen=0][, fullsize=0][, roi=[0 0 640 480]][,deviceId=0])

VideoOfflineCaptureDemo initializes the first attached and supported camera on
your computer (e.g, the built-in iSight of Apple Macintosh computers),
then records video from it into memory until you press a key. It then
fetches and displays all previously recorded images, then quits. Abort
display by pressing any key on the keyboard.

By default, the maximum supported framerate is requested and the
timecode and interframe interval of each captured image is displayed in
the top-left corner of the display.

See also ImagingVideoCaptureDemo, VideoDelayloopMiniDemo and a few other
nice demos.

Optional parameters:

‘fullscreen’ If set to non-zero value, the image is displayed in a
fullscreen window, as usual, otherwise a normal GUI window is used.

‘fullsize’ If set to 1, the cameras image is scaled up to full screen
resolution, ie. so it fills the maximum amount of display area, but
preserving the original aspect ratio.

‘roi’ Selects a rectangular subregion of the camera for display. By
default, it selects a [0 0 640 480] rectangle, ie. the full are of a
camera with 640 x 480 pixels resolution. This parameter may need tweaking
for some cameras, as some drivers have bugs and don’t work well with all

‘deviceId’ Device index of video capture device. Defaults to system default.

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