Demos demonstrating use of the [GStreamer](GStreamer) movie playback functions.

Read the help for the corresponding Screen subfunctions for infos.

SimpleMovieDemo – Most simplistic demo on how to play a movie.
PlayMoviesDemo – Show simple playback of one movie with sound at a time.
PlayDualMoviesDemo – Same as PlayMoviesDemo, but play two movies in parallel.
PlayInterlacedMovieDemo – Simple demo on how to use the GLSL realtime video deinterlacer.
PlayMoviesWithoutGapDemo1 – Play one movie while opening another one for gap-less playback.
PlayMoviesWithoutGapDemo2 – [GStreamer](GStreamer) only: Optimized version of gap-less playback.
movie in the background to reduce gaps between movies.
DetectionRTInVideoDemo – How to collect reaction times in response to detection of some
event in a presented movie file. Takes care to get timing right.
LoadMovieIntoTexturesDemo – Quickly load a movie into a stack of textures for quick playback
with arbitrary speed and order.

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