This folder contains M-Files that demonstrate the direct
use of OpenGL in Matlab in order to create 3D stimuli or
do other fancy things(TM).

These demos are all pretty beta and a bit rough, so good luck!

MinimalisticOpenGLDemo – A nice starter. First draws a simple scene with
simple lighting, then draws a simple animation of
a rotating earth globe, showing basic use of texture

UtahTeapotDemo – Draws a rotating 3D teapot, demonstrates basic setup
of lighting, camera and geometry.

SpinningCubeDemo – Extends on UtahTeapotDemo by introducing texture mapping.

SpinningMovieCube – Extends SpinningCubeDemo with cube faces that play back
a Quicktime movie file, demonstrating exchange of textures
between Psychtoolbox and Matlab OpenGL.
SuperShapeDemo Render so called SuperShapes in OpenGL.
MorphDemo – This demo shows how to load premade 3D objects from filesystem and
how to morph them into each other via the Psychtoolbox function
moglmorpher(). Psychtoolbox can load simple Alias-Wavefront OBJ
files that can be created in standard 3D software.

MorphTextureDemo – Like MorphDemo, but also with GPU accelerated texture morphing.

GLSLDemo – Demo that shows how to use the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL). This
demo may only work on recent graphics hardware, so dont be surprised
if it fails on older hardware.

ShepardZoomDemo – A visual equivalent of the Shepard tone illusion.

FDFDemo – Demo for use of moglFDF() for creation of
formless dot field structure from motion

DrawDots3DDemo – Demonstrates use of the moglDrawDots3D command for 3D dot drawing,
and of fast GLSL vertex shading for 3D dot animation.

VRHMDDemo1 – Display 3D rendered scene on a VR HMD headset for true immersion.

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