This folder contains M-Files that demonstrate the direct
use of OpenGL in Matlab in order to create 3D stimuli or
do other fancy things(TM).

These demos are all pretty beta and a bit rough, so good luck!

CylinderAnnulusOpenGLDemo – Use OpenGL commands in a Matlab script to
map a 2D image onto a 3D cylindrical projection

DrawDots3DDemo – Demonstrates use of the moglDrawDots3D command for 3D dot drawing,
and of fast GLSL vertex shading for 3D dot animation.

FDFDemo – Demo of “formless dot field” structure from
motion stimulus rendered via moglFDF().

GLSLDemo – Demonstrate use of the GLSL OpenGL Shading language.

MinimalisticOpenGLDemo – A nice starter. First draws a simple scene with
simple lighting, then draws a simple animation of
a rotating earth globe, showing basic use of texture

MorphDemo – This demo shows how to load premade 3D objects from filesystem and
how to morph them into each other via the Psychtoolbox function
moglmorpher(). Psychtoolbox can load simple Alias-Wavefront OBJ
files that can be created in standard 3D software.

MorphTextureDemo – Like MorphDemo, but also with GPU accelerated texture morphing.

ShepardZoomDemo – A visual version of the Shepard tone illusion.

SpinningCubeDemo – Extends on UtahTeapotDemo by introducing texture mapping.

SpinningMovieCube – Extends SpinningCubeDemo with cube faces that play back
a Quicktime movie file, demonstrating exchange of textures
between Psychtoolbox and Matlab OpenGL.

SuperShapeDemo – Render so called SuperShapes in OpenGL.

UtahTeapotDemo – Draws a rotating 3D teapot, demonstrates basic setup
of lighting, camera and geometry.

VRHMDDemo1 – Display 3D rendered scene on a VR HMD headset for true immersion.

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