ProceduralColorGratingDemo() – demo color grating procedural shader

This demo shows how to use procedural color gratings. Color gratings
have two color sources, rather than one. They are a useful stimulus
class for e.g. understanding opponenet color channels. The standard PTB
grating shader cannot generate this class of grating. The procedural
shader can generate sinusoidal or square wave gratings, and you can set a
radial aperture.

Optional Inputs are:
color1 – the first color of the grating, default is red [1 0 0 1]
color2 – the second color of the grating, default is green [0 1 0 1]
baseColor – the base color from which color1 and color2 are blended
depending on contrast. Normally this would be set to your background
color in PTB; default in this demo is the background color [0.5 0.5 0.5 1].

01/03/2020 initial version (Ian Andolina)

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