Animates a sprite across the screen. The image
follows the mouse, like a huge cursor.

There are many ways to create animations. The simplest is to show a
movie, computing all the frames in advance, as in MovieDemo. Sprites may
be a better approach when you want to show a relatively small object
moving unpredictably. Here we generate one offscreen window holding the
sprite image and copy it to the screen for each frame of the animation,
specifying the screen location by using the destination rect argument of
Screen ‘CopyWindow’.

See also MovieDemo.

Thanks to tj <thomasjerde@hotmail.com> for asking how.
web http://groups.yahoo.com/group/psychtoolbox/message/1101 ;

6/20/02 awi Wrote it as TargetDemo.
6/20/02 dgp Cosmetic. Renamed SpriteDemo.
8/25/06 rhh Added noise to the sprite. Expanded comments.
10/14/06 dhb Save and restore altered prefs, more extensive comments for them
09/20/09 mk Improve screenNumber selection as per suggestion of Peter April.

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