HDRViewer([imfilepattern][, dummymode][, scalefactor]) – Load and show high
dynamic range images on the BrightSide Technologies High Dynamic Range
display device.

The viewer allows to cycle through a sequence of images in the given
folder, matching the given filename pattern. It allows to adjust the
intensity online, as well as to zoom into regions of the image.

‘imfilepattern’ - Filename search pattern of the HDR images to load,
e.g., ‘myimages*.hdr’ would load all images starting with ‘myimages’ and
ending with extension ‘.hdr’.

‘dummymode’ - If set to 1 we only run in emulation mode without use of
the HDR device or BrightSide core library.

Control keys:

You can cycle through all images by pressing the space-bar. You can change
image intensity scaling by pressing the cursor up- and down-keys. You can
exit the viewer by pressing ESCape. By pressing the ‘q’ key, you can
toggle between float precision HDR and 256 level 8 bit quantized output.

Zoom mode:
Pressing the left mouse button will enable zoom mode. Dragging the mouse
while the button is depressed allows to change the region which should be
zoomed. Releasing the mouse button will show the selected region zoomed
up to fullscreen. A single mouse click will reset to the full image.

Btw. you can find lot’s of nice free HDR images by Googling on the

This is an extension of SimpleHDRDemo.m, see that file for basic usage of
HDR displays with Psychtoolbox.

Written 2006 by Mario Kleiner - MPI for Biological Cybernetics, Tuebingen, Germany
and Oguz Ahmet Akyuz - Department of Computer Science, University of Central Florida.

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