BasicSoundInputDemo([wavfilename][, voicetrigger=0][, maxsecs=inf][, device][, reqlatencyclass][, channels=2])

Demonstrates very basic usage of the new Psychtoolbox sound driver
PsychPortAudio() for audio capture / recording.

Sound is captured from the default recording device, optionally waiting
until the amplitude exceeds some threshold level before start of
recording. At the end of the recording session the recorded sound is
played back vie the default output device. Waveform data of captured
sound is also plotted to a Matlab figure window during capture.

This demo only demonstrates normal operation, not the low-latency mode,
extra demos and tests for low-latency and high precision timing output will
follow soon. If you need low-latency, make sure to read “help
InitializePsychSound” carefully or contact the forum.

Optional arguments:

wavfilename = Name of a .wav sound file to store the recorded sound to.
If left out, sound won’t be stored to filesystem.

voicetrigger = If set to a non-zero threshold value, the driver will wait
for the sound signal to exceed the specified voicetrigger threshold
level before it starts capturing audio data.

maxsecs = Maximum number of seconds of sound to capture. Defaults to
infinite - sound is recorded until a key is pressed.

device = Deviceindex of audio card to use. Auto-Selected if omitted.

reqlatencyclass = Override reqlatencyclass parameter for audio capture. Defaults
to standard [] for low-latency, high timing precision if omitted.

channels = Number of input and output channels to use. Defaults to 2.

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