ImageUndistortionDemo(calibfilename [, imagefilename])

A very sketchy demo on how to do gpu accelerated geometric
undistortion of images.

‘calibfilename’ Name of a calibration file, as also used by
PsychImaging’s ‘GeometryCorrection’ tasks, and generated by one
of the available calibration procedures, e.g., DisplayUndistortionBVL,
DisplayUndistortionCSV, DisplayUndistortionBezier, …

‘imagefilename’ Optional name of image file to process. If left out,
our standardy bunny image will be used. If set to ‘checkerboard’, a
checkerboard pattern will be used.

Press any key to exit the demo after the undistorted image was

This demo is more a template for you to get started writing suitable
code for your purpose than a ready made plug & play solution.

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