BasicSoundScheduleDemo([wavfilenames][, device])

This demo shows two things:

  • How to use audio schedules in PsychPortAudio to preprogram a sequence
    of different sounds to play and how to dynamically add new sounds to the
    schedule while it is playing. This is similar to “playlists” in typical
    audio player applications like iTunes or the iPod etc.

  • How to create and use many prefilled audio buffers before start of a
    session. This way you can preload all needed sounds before start of an
    experiment into memory, in a format optimized for fast playback and low
    memory usage. This is similar to the concept of textures or offscreen
    windows in the domain of Screen() for the visuals.

Optional arguments:

wavfilenames = Name of a .wav sound file to load and play back, or a cell
array with multiple filenames to load. Otherwise the default sound files
provided with Psychtoolbox will be loaded.

device = Device index of the sound card to use.

The demo first loads all soundfiles, and resamples them to identical
samplingrate if possible. Then it plays the first second of each of them.
Then it goes into an interactive mode: By pressing any of the F1 - F10
keys or any letter key, you can select a specific file for playback. By
pressing any other key you exit the interactive loop. After the
interactive loop has finished, a subset of the soundfiles is played again
with a different method, for about 2 repetitions. Then the demo exits.

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