Illustrates calibration interface for simple task of producing a uniform
color patch of desired CIE xyY coordinates.

The calculation is done with respect to the current PTB demonstration
calibration file.

The demo shows multiple different ways to implement this, starting with a
purely Matlab based method, progressing to more advanced methods. The
final demonstration shows how to do it automatically and graphics
hardware accelerated.

Demo 1:

The RGB values are gamma corrected and live in the range [0,1]. If they
contain 0 or 1, the xyY coordinates requested may have been out of gamut.

A uniform color patch is displayed in the MATLAB figure window. This is
not a well-controlled display method, but does give a sense of the patch
color if the calibration file is a reasonable description of the display.

Immediately afterwards, the same color patch is shown in a PTB onscreen
window, with the same gamma table loaded which was used during
calibration measurements. This should render an accurate stimulus.

Demo 2: As demo 1, but displaying in a onscreen window and performing the
gamma correction via proper inverse gamma lookup tables loaded into the
graphics card, thereby presenting on a linearized display, instead of
using the SensorToSettings() routine to adapt the stimulus to a
non-linearized display.

The last two demos Demo 3 and Demo 4 require a recent graphics card and
perform all color space conversions and calibrated display automatically
and hardware accelerated on the graphics card. Any NVidia GeForce-8000 or
later, AMD Radeon X-1000 or later, or Intel HD graphics card should be
able to support these demos.

Demo 3: The stimulus is defined in XYZ tristimulus color space and
converted automatically by Screen() into RGB output format, taking the
calibration data in ‘cal’ into account.

Demo 4: The stimulus is directly defined in xyY chromacity + luminance
format and all conversions and calibrations are done automatically by

4/26/97 dhb Wrote it.
7/25/97 dhb Better initialization.
3/12/98 dgp Use Ask.
3/14/02 dhb Update for OpenWindow.
4/03/02 awi Merged in Windows changes. On Windows we do not copy the result to the clipboard.
4/13/02 awi Changed “SetColorSpace” to new name “SetSensorColorSpace”.
Changed “LinearToSettings” to new name “SensorToSettings”.
12/21/02 dhb Remove reliance on now obsolete OpenWindow/CloseWindow.
11/16/06 dhb Start getting this to work with PTB-3.
11/22/06 dhb Fixed except that Ask() needs to be fixed.
6/16/11 dhb The PTB display section was out of date and didn’t work. I removed it.
1/26/13 mk Add standard PTB display, but also imaging pipeline based methods.

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