SimpleHDRLinuxStereoDemo([imfilename]) - Load and show a HDR image on a compatible
HDR stereo display setup.

Press any key to terminate the demo.

‘imfilename’ - Optional filename of the HDR image to load. This will load
a standard HDR demo image bundled with Matlab, if omitted, or abort if
the default demo image is missing. Currently only ‘.hdr’ RGBE images are

See SimpleHDRDemo for explanations. This is the same demos, but displaying
stereoscopically on Linux + X11 via the special Linux hack enabled by the
Linux only PsychImaging task

PsychImaging(‘AddTask’, ‘General’, ‘UseStaticHDRHack’, hdrMeta);

See help PsychImaging in the ‘UseStaticHDRHack’ section for explanations,
background info and setup instructions.

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