VideoDelayLoopMiniDemo([delayframes = 0][, duration = 30][, roi][, firewireBasler = 0]);

Demonstrates most simplistic use of PsychVideoDelayLoop() function for
delayed visual feedback via a camera + display combo.

‘delayframes’ == Requested delay in captured frames: 0 = Minimal delay
(i.e. request zero delay, get whatever the minimum of your camera +
display combo is).

The demo takes some startup time to calibrate, then provides visual
feedback for 30 seconds, then ends, unless you specifiy a different
‘duration’ in seconds.

‘firewireBasler’ defaults to zero. If set to 1, customize to a Basler
A602f IIDC-1394 compliant Firewire camera.

Tested on MacOS/X Intel MacBookPro with builtin iSight camera. However,
the routine was originally developed, tested and optimized for GNU/Linux,
so it only provides limited functionality, flexibility and performance on
other operating systems. The inherent delay of USB cameras like Apples
builtin iSight is pretty high, so they are not seriously useful for low
delay feedback. Pick a good IIDC Firewire camera if you want low
latencies. Use Linux if you want really low latencies and optimal

This demo is only a proof of concept. Use with caution!

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