TurnTableDemo - A simulated turntable to nurture your inner DJ.


TurnTableDemo([wavfilename][, wavfilenames])

Free sample loops available for download at:


Install those into a subfolder of your Homedirectory called
‘Music/’. Alternatively you can specify a cell array of file names of
.wav audio files to use as audio sample loops for the different effect
keys on your keyboard as the 2nd call parameter ‘wavfilenames’ to this demo.

The optional 1st parameter ‘wavfilename’ defines the name of the .wav
audio file to play on the virtual turntable.

Keys and their meaning:

ESCape = End demo.
space = Mute/Unmute turntable.
left SHIFT = Mute turntable temporarily while holding the key.
‘r’ = Switch between rotational and linear scratch control for turntable.
Any key = One-shot playback of associated sound sample loop.
Any key + left-ALT = Continous looped playback of associated sample loop.
Any key + right SHIFT = Stop continous looped playback for sample loop.

Mouse key / touch tablet press with mouse cursor inside turntable, or
finger touch on touchscreen inside turntable == manual “scratch” control
of turntable. Otherwise the turntable turns by itself.

If you have a Griffin PowerMate knob or compatible input device
connected, that dial will be used to drive the virtual turntable
for a more fulfilling scratching experience!

Free your inner DJ!

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