Demonstrates the DKL color space routines.
Produces a picture of the DKL isoluminant plane
in a figure window. This picture is not calibrated.

You can chooose the image size and what cone/luminance
data you want to use to define the space.

4/9/05 dhb Wrote it.
5/26/11 dhb Updated to use PTB3TestCal, SetSensorColorSpace
dhb Remove OS9 option.
4/13/17 dhb Switch default cone type to Stockman-Sharpe.
Demonstrate conversion from cone contrast coords to
DKL, code at end.
8/21/21 dhb Added a few more checks and comments. Made some of the
numbers less generic, on the view that testing is more
robust in such cases.
4/13/22 dhb Fixed unfinished comment, added numerical check of
agreement at end.

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