Calibration routines for monitors, e.g., gamma correction.
For a very simple gamma calibration of a standard monitor with a manually
controlled photometer, use CalibrateMonitorPhotometer.

For advanced calibration, with manual or automatic photometers, with
standard monitors or high precision displays like Bits+,
DataPixx/ViewPixx etc. use CalibrateMonSpd.

BasicToneMapCalFormat - Apply simple (truncation) tone mapping to XYZ data in cal format.
CalDataFolder - Path to the calibration data folder “PsychCalData”.
CalFormatToImage - Put a stretched out image back into an image image.
CalibrateAmbDrvr - Common code called by monitor calibration programs. Script.
CalibrateFitGamma - Fit the gamma function to the calibration measurements.
CalibrateFitLinMod - Fit the linear model to spectral calibration data.
CalibrateFitYoked - Fit a very special kind of yoked calibration data.
CalibrateManualDrvr - Driver for manual monitor calibration, called by CalibrateMonSpd.
CalibrateMonDrvr - Common code called by monitor calibration programs. Script.
CalibrateMonitorPhotometer - Simple calibration procedure for use with manually controlled photometers.
CalibrateMonSpd - Run standard monitor spectral calibration. Script.
CalibratePlotGamma - Plot the gamma functions in a calibration structure.
CalibratePlotSpectra - Plot the device spectra in a calibration structure.
CalToggleBitsPlusPlus - Determine whether to calibrate with or without Bits++.
CompareMonCal - Compare two calibration structures to see if they match.
CompareMonCalOverTime - Compare two calibrations of same monitor and see differences. Script.
ContrastMatch - Match contrast of two gratings.
Cross2D - Create 2D vectors that cross combinations of passed vectors.
Cross3D - Create 3D vectors that cross combinations of passed vectors.
CVIAdjustCalData - Adjust of PR650 measurements with CVI measurements. Not of general interest.
CylToSensor - Convert from cylindrical to sensor coordinates.
DescribeMonCal - Print a description of calibration structure.
DumpMonCalSpd - Dump contents of standard spectral calibration file. Script.
ExpandSettings - Subroutine for “Acc” conversion routines.
FindSpectralPeaks - Find the peaks in a spectral function.
FlushCalFile - Remove old entries from calibration file.
GamutToSettings - Convert from within gamut device coordinates to settings.
GamutToSettingsSch - Subroutine for GamutToSettings.
GamutToSettingsTbl - Subroutine for GamutToSettings.
GratingNull - Match two luminances.
IccProfile.mex - NOT IMPLEMENTED YET: Read ICC profiles for monitor calibration.
ImageToCalFormat - Stretch out an image to pass to calibration conversion routines.
InvertGammaTable - Subroutine for GamutToSettings.
LoadCalFile - Load calibration data.
MaximizeGamutContrast- Maximize contrast within gamut.
MeasMonSpd - Set monitor and measure spd.
MeasMonXYZ - Set monitor and measure XYZ.
MeasureDpi - Measure monitor dpi.
PolarToSensor - Convert from polar to linear coordinates.
PrimaryToGamut - Force primary coordinates into gamut.
PrimaryToSensor - Convert from primary to sensor coordinates.
PrimaryToSettings - Convert from primary coordinates to device settings.
RefitCalGamma - Refit the gamma data in a monitor calibration file. Script.
RefitCalLinMod - Refit primary spectral linear model in calibration file. Script.
RefitCalYoked - Refit linear model to match yoked [a,a,a] measurements. Script.
SaveCalFile - Save calibration data.
SearchGammaTable - Subroutine for GamutToSettings.
SensorToCyl - Convert from sensor to cylindrical coordinates.
SensorToPolar - Convert from sensor to polar coordinates.
SensorToPrimary - Convert from sensor to primary coordinates.
SensorToSettings - Convert from sensor coordinates to device settings.
SensorToSettingsAcc - Convert from sensor coordinates to settings, handle spectral shifts.
SetGammaMethod - Set gamma correction method for conversions.
SetSensorColorSpace - Set working sensor color space for conversions.
SettingsToPrimary - Convert from settings to primary coordinates.
SettingsToSensor - Convert from settings to sensor coordinates.
SettingsToSensorAcc - Convert from settings to sensor, handle spectral shifts.
UpdateAmbient - Update the ambient used for conversions, in meas. units.
UpdateAmbientSensor - Update the ambient used for conversions, in sensor units.

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