SaveCalFile(cal, [filespec], [dir])

Saves calibration data in the structure “cal” to a
calibration file in the CalData folder.

If filespec is not passed, then it saves to default.mat
in the CalData folder. If filespec is an integer, saves
to screenN.mat. If filespec is a string, saves to string.mat.
You can also pass the name with the training .mat already there.

Saves to existing file if it is found, otherwise creates a
new calibration file.

See also LoadCalFile, CalDataFolder.

5/28/96 dgp Wrote it.
6/6/96 dgp Use CalibrationsFolder.
7/25/96 dgp Use CalDataFolder.
8/4/96 dhb More flexible filename interface.
8/21/97 dhb Rewrite for cell array convention.
8/25/97 dhb, pbe Fix bug in cell array handling.
8/26/97 dhb Make saving code parallel LoadCalFile.
5/18/99 dhb Add optional directory arg.
8/10/00 dhb Fix loading code for default.mat
7/9/02 dhb Incorporate filespec/filename fix as suggested by Eiji Kimura.
3/27/12 dhb Pass dir to LoadCalFile call, so that it does the right thing
in cases where cal file location is expilcitly passed.
4/2/13 dhb Updated for subdir searching logic.
4/12/13 dhb Make this save to cal file folder when file doesn’t yet exist.
6/2/13 dhb More robust about whether passed filespec contains the trailing ‘.mat’.
11/30/14 dhb Handle case where .mat isn’t in passed filename, and name is less then 5 chars long.

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