This program reads a standard calibration file and
reports what is in it.

Assumes exactly three primaries. There
may be rare cases where this is not the case, in which case
you need to look at the calibration data by hand.

This version assumes that the calibration file contains
measured spectral data. It needs to be made more generic
so that it can handle tristimulus and luminance calibrations.

8/22/97 dhb Wrote it.
2/25/98 dhb Postpend Spd to the name.
8/20/00 dhb Change name to dump.
3/1/02 dhb Arbitrary file names.
5/1/02 dhb Add DUMPALL flag.
9/26/08 dhb, ijk, tyl Made output easier to read. Only access named files.
Assume three primaries.
5/27/11 dhb Update name of default monitor calibration.

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