settings = GamutToSettings(cal, gamut)

Find the best device settings to produce
the passed linear device coordinates.

The passed coordinates should be in the range [0,1].
The returned settings also run from [0,1], but after
inversion of the device’s gamma measurements.

The returned argument values is what you actually should
get after quantization error.

9/26/93 dhb Added calData argument.
10/19/93 dhb Allow gamma table dimensions to exceed device settings.
11/11/93 dhb Update for new calData routines.
8/4/96 dhb Update for stuff bag routines.
8/21/97 dhb Update for structures.
4/13/02 awi Replaced SettingsToDevice with new name SettingsToPrimary.
11/16/06 dhb Adjust for [0,1] world. Involves changing what’s passed
in and out
5/26/12 dhb Add gammaMode == 2 case.

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