same = DescribeMonCal(cal,[file],[whichScreen])

Print descriptive information about a calibration
to the command window or file.

Argument file is a standard Matlab file descriptor,
see fopen. If file arg is omitted or empty, printout
goes to command window.

If argument whichScreen is passed, a description of
the current hardware is also printed. In this case,
returned boolean same indicates whether the calibration
is consistent with the current hardware. Boolean
same is empty if whichScreen is not provided.

8/25/97 dhb, pbe Wrote it.
7/3/98 dhb, pbe Updated for cal.describe.
12/3/99 dhb, mpr Fix check for calibration desription field.
8/1800 dhb Add whichScreen arg, same return.
6/29/02 dgp Use new version of Screen VideoCard.
9/23/02 dhb, jms Fix small bug in way driver is compared, presumably introduced 6/29/02.
9/29/08 dhb, tyl, ijk Update for OS/X, current computer stuff.
Comparison of computer name skipped, because it seems to vary with login.
6/24/11 dhb Dump out gamma fit type and exponents if gamma function was fit with a simple power function.
5/28/13 dhb Change output printed format to make it easier to paste into Doku wiki.

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