[cal, cals, fullFilename] = LoadCalFile([filespec], [whichCal], [dir], [noWarning])

Load calibration data from saved file in the CalData folder.
Will search one level deep in the CalData folder if the
file does not exist at the top level, but skips subdirs
called ‘xOld’, ‘Plots’, and those that begin with ‘.’.

If no argument is given, loads from file default.mat. If
an integer N is passed, loads from file screenN.mat. If
a string S is given, loads from S.mat. You can pass the
trailing .mat as well and it will still work.

If whichCal is specified, the whichCal’th calibration
in the file is returned. If whichCal > nCals, an
empty calibration is returned. whichCal defaults
to the most recent calibration, if not passed or passed
as the empty matrix. You can also pass Inf for whichCal
to get the most recent calibration.

If the specified file cannot be found, returns empty matrix.

The returned variable cal is a structure containing calibration

The returned cell array cals contains all of the calibrations
stored in the file

The returned string fullFilename is the full path to the calibration

See also SaveCalFile, CalDataFolder.

5/28/96 dgp Wrote it.
6/6/96 dgp Use CalibrationsFolder.
6/6/96 dgp Use whole path in filename so Matlab will only look there.
7/25/96 dgp Use CalDataFolder.
8/4/96 dhb More flexible filename interface.
8/21/97 dhb Rewrite for calibrations stored as cell array.
Optional return of entire calibration history.
8/26/97 dhb Handle case of isempty(cals).
Added whichCal argument.
5/18/99 dhb Added dir argument.
8/15/00 dhb Modify to handle local/demo cal directories.
4/2/13 dhb Updated for subdir searching logic.
6/2/13 dhb More robust about whether passed filespec contains the trailing ‘.mat’.
7/3/13 dhb Fix buglet for check on trailing .mat when length of filename less than 4 chars.
12/11/14 dhb Use fullfile rather than straight append to build up full path to cal file.
10/23/15 dhb Suppress warning about enumeration being converted to
struct on load. This can happen when the cal struct contains a field
that is an ennumeration, but is, I think, OK.

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