XYZ = MeasMonXYZ(window,settings,[syncMode],[whichMeterType])

Measure the XYZ of a series of monitor settings.

This routine is specific to go with CalibrateMon,
as it depends on the action of SetMon.

If whichMeterType is passed and set to 0, then the routine
returns random spectra. This is useful for testing when
you don’t have a meter.

Other valid types:
1 - Use PR650 (default)

10/26/93 dhb Wrote it based on ccc code.
11/12/93 dhb Modified to use SetColor.
6/23/94 ccc Modified it from MeasMonSpd.m for
the purpose of measuring XYZ
8/9/94 dhb Added code to go into sync mode
And then commented it out.
8/11/94 dhb Sync mode back in
8/15/94 dhb Sync mode as argument.
4/12/97 dhb New toolbox compatibility, take window and bits args.
8/26/97 dhb, pbe Add noMeterAvail option.
4/7/99 dhb Add argument for radius board. Compact default arg code.
8/14/00 dhb Call to CMETER(‘SetParams’) conditional on OS9.
8/20/00 dhb Remove bits arg from call to SetColor.
8/21/00 dhb Remove dependence on RADIUS flag. This is now handled inside of SetColor.
dhb Change calling conventions to remove unused args.
9/14/00 dhb Sync mode no longer used. Arg passed for backwards compatibility.
2/27/02 dhb, ly Pass whichMeterType rather than noMeterAvail.

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