[dpi, SP] = MeasureDpi([theScreen=max][, useCreditCard=0]);

Helps the user to accurately measure the screen’s dots per inch by use of a
reference object of known size.


‘theScreen’ Screen parameter, if the screen is not provided, the
screen with maximum index (typically an external display) will be used.

‘useCreditCard’ Credit Card parameter, it allows you to use a credit card as
an object of known size if set to 1. Otherwise it is recommended to have a
ruler or some other object of known size at hand, and the script will ask for
the size of that object.


‘dpi’ Measured dots per inch.
‘SP’ Screen properties reported by the display driver (e.g., based on EDID).
It will provide you with a structure containing the physical size of the
screen (width and height) in mm, the screen resolution in pixels, the
dot pitch and dpi automatically.

Note: ‘SP’ relies on information from Screen(‘DisplaySize’). Read the notes
in ‘Screen DisplaySize?’ on potential limitations in reliability or accuracy
of this driver reported info.

Denis Pelli


5/28/96 dgp Updated to use new GetMouse.
3/20/97 dgp Updated.
4/2/97 dgp FlushEvents.
4/26/97 dhb Got rid of call to disp(7), which was writing ‘7’ to the
command window and not producing a beep.
8/16/97 dgp Changed “text” to “theText” to avoid conflict with TEXT function.
4/06/02 awi Check all elements of the new multi-element button vector
returned by GetMouse on Windows.
Replaced Chicago font with Arial because it’s available on
both Mac and Windows
11/6/06 dgp Updated from PTB-2 to PTB-3.
01/31/16 mk Fix some wrong assumptions for PTB-3. Get rid of GetChar.
8/13/19 mgg Modify to use it with a credit card (common object of a
known size).
9/10/19 mgg Optional output: Withdraw the presets from the screen
inc. the screen size, resolution, dot pitch and distance independent dpi.

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