[finalSettings,badIndex,quantized,perError,settings] = SensorToSettingsAcc(cal,sensor)

Convert from sensor color space coordinates to device
setting coordinates. This routine makes use of the
full basis function information to compensate for spectral
shifts in the device primaries with input settings.

This depends on the standard calibration globals.

11/12/93 dhb Wrote it.
3/30/94 dhb, jms Fixed logic bug in error computation.
Return finalSettings as best during iteration
8/4/96 dhb Update for stuff bag routines.
8/21/97 dhb Update for structures.
3/10/98 dhb Change nBasesOut to nPrimaryBases.
4/5/02 dhb, ly New calling interface.
1/26/04 ly, dhb Get rid of unused variable called “error”.
11/22/09 dhb Check basis dimension and do the simple fast thing if it is 1.
This will speed things up when there is no point in trying the
iterative algorithm.

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