Refit the gamma data from a calibration.

See also CalDemo, CalibrateFitGamma, SetGammaMethod, GamutToSettings

3/27/02 dhb Wrote it.
8/26/03 dhb, jl Allow changing dacsize of calibraiton. Useful for dropping from 10 to 8.
2/2/05 dhb, dam Ask for filename to save to, rather than automatically overwrite.
9/26/08 dhb, ijk, tyl Simplify naming possibilities. Add some better help.
9/27/08 dhb Fix up dacsize fitting.
Clearer prompts (show default values).
11/19/09 dhb Added crtSumPow option. This works great for our FrontRoom monitor, which
was not well fit by the traditional gamma model. The work is done in
function CalibrateFitGamma. See comments there.
11/20/09 dhb More terms in crtSumPow.
3/07/10 dhb Call CalibrateFitLinMod as well.
3/08/10 dhb Update list of fit type options.
5/28/10 dhb Add yoked fitting routine to calls. Should have no effect when yoked isn’t set, but do the right thing when it is.
6/5/10 dhb Update type list provided to user.
dhb Better plots, using plot subroutines.
5/26/12 dhb Added ability to use raw measured data as the fit gamma table. See comment where that’s done below.

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