[s,sPos,sNeg] = MaximizeGamutContrast(dir,white)

Find the scalar that maximizes the contrast around
the white point. Input should be specified in device
primary coordinates.

2/22/94 dhb Wrote it.
4/3/94 dhb Analytic version.
4/4/94 dhb Avoid divide by zero problem.
8/17/94 dhb Handle small values of useWhite.
8/23/94 dhb Fix 8/17 fix to handle negative numbers. Sigh.
2/16/98 dgp Renamed from MaxGmtCon to MaximizeGamutContrast.
12/3/98 dhb Add directional return values.
dhb Remove redundant calculations.
9/7/00 mpr Made zero handling code more compact; did away with unnecessary variable.
1/31/10 dhb Range check on input white point.
dhb Remove calls to find as per MATLAB lint checker.

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