Get the path to the CalData folder.

If “forceDemo” is true (false by default), then force use of
PsychCalDemoData. Otherwise return location of PsychCalLocalData
if it exists, and PsychCalDemoData if it PsychCalLocalData does
not exist.

If calFileName is passed, it checks if the specified file exists
in the top level of the directory it located. If so, it returns
that directory. If not, it searches the first level subdirectories
of the top level directories and if the specfied file is in one of
them, returns that. Skips subdirs called ‘xOld’, ‘Plots’, and those
that begin with ‘.’.

calFileName can either have .mat postpended or not.

If calDir is passed as a string, that is used as the directory, with
the subdir searching as above.

See also LoadCalFile, SaveCalFile.

Denis Pelli 7/25/96
Denis Pelli 2/28/98 change “CalDat” to “PsychCalData
8/14/00 dhb Add alternate name, change names.
4/1/07 dhb Fix subtle bug in error message when there are duplicate cal
folders on path.
3/7/08 mpr changed documentation to make it consistent (apparently
“forceDemo” used to be “alt”
4/2/13 dhb Add calFileName and associated behavior.
6/2/13 dhb Make this properly return subfolder containing calibration file
if .mat is not postpended.
6/10/13 dhb Fix buglet introduced 6/2/13 – need to handle empty calFileName (thanks to MS for
identifying the problem and the fix.
3/29/16 dhb Allow multiple PsychCalDemo data on path, but issue a warning printout.

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