Sense and control the world outside the computer. For keyboard and mouse
see PsychBasic. For other USB devices, see
web -browser;

CedrusResponseBox - All: Support for RB-x30 response boxes by Cedrus.
CMCheckInit - All: Turn on and connect to color meter.
CMClose - All: Turn off color meter.
CMUBox - All: Access CMUBox or PST (E-Prime) serial port
button response boxes, as well as Bitwhacker
and fORP serial port response boxes.
ColorCal2 - All: Interface to the CRS ColorCal-II device.
DatapixxToolbox - All: Toolbox for control of various VPixx Inc. devices (DataPixx
FindSerialPort - All: Find port number associated with a particular input string.
FORP - All: Obsolete support for the FiberOpticResponsePad.
HoritaTitler - All: Control the Horita SCT-50 video titler and compatible devices.
MeasSpd - All: Use color meter to measure a spectral power
MeasXYZ - All: Use color meter to measure XYZ coordinates.
nvstusb-extractfw - Linux: Extract firmware for NVidia NVision kit. See “help NVision3D
PR650Toolbox - All: Talk to PR650 Colorimeter.
PR655Toolbox - All: Talk to PR655 Colorimeter.
PR670Toolbox - All: Talk to PR670 Colorimeter.
Daq folder - All: Control the USB-1208FS data acquisition
device as well as the 1408FS and 1608FS and
maybe the 1024LS (the latter untested).
Gamepad - All: Read USB game controllers. Formerly “Joystick”.
GetGamepadIndices - All: Get indices of gampads in PsychHID device list.
GetKeyboardIndices - All: Get indices of keyboards in PsychHID device list.
GetMouseIndices - All: Get indices of mice in the PsychHID device list.
GetTouchDeviceIndices -All: Get indices of touch devices (touchscreens, touchpads etc.) in the PsychHID device list.
GetTouchDeviceInfo - All: Get information about a specified touch device.
GetTouchValuators - All: Extract meaningful information from a set of touch valuators.
GetNTP - All: Query time from NTP server.
OptiCAL - All: Interface to the CRS OptiCAL luminance meter device.
PsychGPURasterizerOffsets - All: Test GPU drivers for spatial misplacement of content.
PsychGPUTestAndTweakGammaTables - All: Helper function. Auto-tweak gamma tables for DataPixx et al. and Bits#
PsychHID - All: Read/write any HID-compliant USB device. See web page:
PsychPhotodiode - All: Measure visual stimulus onset via photo-diodes and PsychPortAudio.
PsychPowerMate - Linux: Driver for the Griffin Technologies PowerMate USB knob.
PsychRTBox - All: Driver for RTBox reaction time button box.
PsychVRToolbox - All: Functions for access to and use of Virtual Reality devices.
Snd - All: Play a sound. Only for simple sounds! Use PsychPortAudio for serious sound playback and capture!

EyelinkToolbox - All: Toolbox for control of the SR-Research Eyelink gazetrackers.
iViewXToolbox - All: Toolbox for control of the MSI-Research iView gazetrackers.
NetStation - All: Control the EGI Netstation EEG recording system via network.
XOrgConfCreator - Linux: A setup assistant for easy creation of X11 config files.
XOrgConfSelector - Linux: A assistant for easy selection of X11 config files.

Minolta Toolbox
Set of m-files and sample code that can be used for reading luminance data
from the Minolta LS-110 luminance meter. Contains simple program for
creating a LUT.
web -browser;

TCP/UDP/IP Toolbox 2.0.5
This toolbox can be used to set up TCP/IP connections or send/receive
UDP/IP packets in Matlab. It can transmit data over the Intranet/Internet
between Matlab processes or other applications. It is possible to act as
server and/or client and transmit strings, arrays of any data type,
files, or Matlab variables. There’s no mexmac file in this release,
but this toolbox works perfectly on Mac OS X as is. Tested with
Matlab 7.0.1 and Mac OS X 10.3.7. Just use the MEX command with the main
pnet.c file and it will generate a pnet.mexmac.
web -browser;

See also PsychHID, Daq, Gamepad.

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