info = GetTouchDeviceInfo(deviceIndex)

Return ‘info’ a struct with info about the specified touch input device
‘deviceIndex’. ‘info’ has the following fields:

‘product’, ‘serialNumber’ and ‘locationID’ are self-explanatory.

‘maxTouchpoints’ The maximum number of simultaneously supported touch
points on the device. 10 is a quite common number for typical touchscreens.

‘touchDeviceType’: 0 = Touchpad, 1 = Touchscreen.

‘valuatorInfos’: A struct array. Each slot contains info about the meaning,
parameter range and resolution of the corresponding value in the Valuators
vector returned as part of touch events. i’th slot == i’th vector entry.
This is mostly for use with GetTouchValuators() to map raw valuator values
into something meaningful.

OS X: ___________________________________________________________________________

This function currently returns nothing, as macOS does not support touch
screens in a meaningful way as far as we know. And Psychtoolbox for macOS
currently does not implement any special support for touchpads or such.

see also: GetTouchDeviceIndices, GetTouchValuators, TouchEventGet

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