Version 0.9, Aug 2009

The DatapixxToolbox is a set of MATLAB/Octave functions interfacing to
the DATAPixx hardware toolbox from VPixx Technologies.

See for more info.

DATAPixx features:

\* Data acquisition and graphics system for the vision sciences  
\* Receives DVI input from laptop or PC   
\* Transmits dual synchronized VGA outputs with 16-bit video [DACs](DACs)  
\* 16 channels of 16-bit analog inputs simultaneously sampled at up to  
  200 kHz per channel.  
\* 4 channels of 16-bit analog outputs simultaneously updated at up to  
  1 [MHz](MHz) per channel.  
\* Stereo audio inputs/outputs, sampled at up to 96 kHz.  
\* 24 TTL inputs with timetagged transitions.  
\* 24 TTL outputs  
\* All digital/analog/audio output transitions can be initiated  
  with microsecond-precision to video refresh  
\* All digital/analog/audio input acquisition can be correlated  
  with microsecond-precision to video refresh  

The DatapixxToolbox implements basic functionality in a single Mex file,
and includes a set of demo M-Files in the DatapixxDemos folder.

For a complete list of available functions type “Datapixx” in the matlab
command window.

For an explanation of any particular Datapixx sub-function just add a
question mark after a command, eg: Datapixx SetDacSchedule?

LINUX: If you want to use these functions without the need to run
Matlab or Octave as root user (i.e., without need for root login or the
sudo command), please copy the file …
… into the folder /etc/udev/rules.d/ on your system. This one time copy will
require administrator privileges, but after that, any user should be able
to use the Datapixx devices or other VPixx devices without special permissions.

Peter April

Copyright (c) 2009, VPixx Technologies.

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