NVision3D - Support for NVidia NVision stereo goggles.

Psychtoolbox supports use of USB driven stereo shutter glasses from
NVidia’s NVision stereo kit. The support for USB is currently limited to
64-Bit Linux systems, ie., 64-Bit Octave and 64-Bit Matlab on Linux.

If you want to drive such shutter glasses via a suitable NVidia Quadro
series GPU or AMD Fire series GPU that has a 3-Pin-Mini-DIN stereo output
connector then you can simply connect the stereo emitter to that
connector, setup your graphics card for it, and select stereomode 1 in

If you want to drive such shutter glasses via any graphics card from any
vendor via the USB connector, then you will have to select stereomode 11
in your scripts and perform the following setup steps beforehand. This
functionality is currently limited to 64-Bit Linux only, and highly
experimental in nature, without any guarantees that this will work
reliably - or at all - for you.

Use of USB driven stereo goggles is enabled by use of the LGPL licensed
open-source library nvstusb from …
http://sourceforge.net/projects/libnvstusb\ … thank you!
A copy of the libraries source code can be found in the
PsychSourceGL/Cohorts/libnvstusb-code-32/ subfolder or the original code
in the libnvstusb-code-32.zip file in that folder. See “help
UseTheSource” on how to get the PsychSourceGL folder with Psychtoolbox
source code.

Setup steps:

  1. Run PsychLinuxConfiguration if you installed PTB from your
    Linux distributions package manager, or from NeuroDebian. If you
    installed via DownloadPsychtoolbox or UpdatePsychtoolbox,
    PsychLinuxConfiguration will have been executed for you already. Make
    sure to answer with yes when the function asks you for approval to
    update the udev rules file.

  2. Reboot your machine.

  3. Connect the stereo emitter to a suitable USB port.

  4. Get the nvstusb.fw file from somewhere. You can find it either
    on the Internet via a Google search, or you can use the
    nvstusb-extractfw tool in the Psychtoolbox/PsychHardware folder from a
    terminal window. It needs to be pointed to a file of the installed
    NVidia stereo driver for Microsoft Windows, which obviously requires
    you to have a working MS-Windows installation with a NVidia card.
    Alternatively follow the instructions about generating nvstusb.fw from
    this website: http://nvstusb.gnu-log.net/\

  5. Copy the nvstusb.fw file into your home directory, e.g., if your
    user name is mathilde: /home/mathilde/nvstusb.fw or even better into
    the Psychtoolbox configuration directory, e.g.,

  6. You should be set. Run, e.g., StereoDemo(11) or ImagingStereoDemo(11).

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