[gamepadIndices, productNames, allInfos] = GetGamepadIndices([productName][, serialNumber][, locationID])

PsychHID assigns each USB HID device connected to you computer a
unique index. GetGamepadIndices returns the indices for those HID devices
which are gamepads. The product names of each gamepad are returned in a
second argument which is useful to identify the gamepad associated with
an index. The third return argument is a cell-array with complete
information about the gamepad device, e.g., allInfos{1} returns
all known info about the 1st detected gamepad.

If you have multiple gamepads connected you can restrict the set of
returned gamepads by specifying the following optional match-critera:

product = Product name of target devices, as returned in ‘productNames’.

serialNumber = Serial number of target devices. This is a text string,
not a number!

locationID = Numeric id of where the device is connected to the
computer. The number is supposed to be unique for a given
connection port. E.g., the same number will be returned
whenever the device is connected to the same USB port of
the computer. The value should be persistent across
reboots of the machine, but may not be persistent across
operating system upgrades - or may not be persistent at
all in case of os bugs. Your mileage may vary…
On Linux X11 this is currently remapped to interfaceID,
as locationID is not meaningful in the current implementation.

LINUX: _______________________________________________________________________
See Linux specific help section in “help Gamepad” for needed setup on Linux.

WINDOWS: _____________________________________________________________________
GetGamepadIndices does not work on Windows.

see also: GetKeyboardIndices

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