[spectrum,qual] = MeasSpd([S],[meterType],[syncMode])

This routine splines the raw return values from the
meter to the wavelength sampling S. The splining
handles conversion of power units according to
to the wavelength sampling delta. If S is not passed,
it is set to [380 5 81].

Tries to handle low light level case gracefully by returning
zero as the answer.

meterType == 1: PR650 (default)
meterType == 4: PR655
meterType == 5: PR670
meterType == 6: PR705

syncMode = ‘on’: Try to sync integration time with display, if meter supports it (default)
syncMode = ‘off’: Don’t try to sync, even if meter supports it.

9/3/93 dhb Added default handling of S.
9/14/93 jms Added global no hardware switch
10/1/93 dhb Removed print on error, passed qual on up
10/4/93 dhb Handle quality code 18 properly.
1/16/94 jms Removed ‘exist’ check and declared globals.
2/20/94 dhb Modified for CMETER.
8/11/94 dhb Handle sync mode error condition.
9/7/94 dhb Remove sync mode message.
11/6/96 dhb Remove extra call to CMETER(‘Measure’).
6/17/98 dhb Add meterType switch.
7/1/98 dhb,jmk Fix bug in switch.
10/4/99 dhb,mdr Take return of -1 (timeout) to mean no light.
dhb,mdr Remove gHardware and gHardwareMsg globals.
4/4/00 dhb,jdt Pass S to PC version.
09/11/00 dhb Remove colortron support. It never worked right.
1/10/02 dhb,ly Make OS9 version use SERIAL.
2/15/02 dhb Change name of called routine.
5/21/02 dgp Tidied up code, removing superfluous COMPUTER conditional.
2/26/03 dhb Change definition of PR-650 meter type to 1.
8/26/10 dhb The PR-655 line called the PR-650 code. Change to call PR-655
3/8/11 dhb Pass syncMode option to speed things up for displays where it doesn’t work.
12/06/12 zlb Adding PR-705 support as meter type 6.

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