[spectrum,qual] = MeasSpd([S],[meterType],[syncMode])

This routine splines the raw return values from the
meter to the wavelength sampling S vector, with
S = [startWl deltaWl nWlSamples].

The splining handles conversion of power units according to to the
wavelength sampling deltaWl. That is, power is converted into units of
power per wlband. This convention, used widely in PTB, means that you can
omit the multiplication by deltaWl when numerically integrating over
wavelength, but is a little counterintuitive.

If you later want to spline to other wl samplines, use SplineSpd to
maintain the PTB convention. Note that splining to 1 nm spacing puts the
units into power per nm, as at 1 nm spacing the two conventions are the

If S is not passed, it is set to [380 5 81].

Tries to handle low light level case gracefully by returning
zero as the answer.

meterType == 1: PR650 (default)
meterType == 4: PR655
meterType == 5: PR670
meterType == 6: PR705

syncMode = ‘on’: Try to sync integration time with display, if meter supports it (default)
syncMode = ‘off’: Don’t try to sync, even if meter supports it.

9/3/93 dhb Added default handling of S.
9/14/93 jms Added global no hardware switch
10/1/93 dhb Removed print on error, passed qual on up
10/4/93 dhb Handle quality code 18 properly.
1/16/94 jms Removed ‘exist’ check and declared globals.
2/20/94 dhb Modified for CMETER.
8/11/94 dhb Handle sync mode error condition.
9/7/94 dhb Remove sync mode message.
11/6/96 dhb Remove extra call to CMETER(‘Measure’).
6/17/98 dhb Add meterType switch.
7/1/98 dhb,jmk Fix bug in switch.
10/4/99 dhb,mdr Take return of -1 (timeout) to mean no light.
dhb,mdr Remove gHardware and gHardwareMsg globals.
4/4/00 dhb,jdt Pass S to PC version.
09/11/00 dhb Remove colortron support. It never worked right.
1/10/02 dhb,ly Make OS9 version use SERIAL.
2/15/02 dhb Change name of called routine.
5/21/02 dgp Tidied up code, removing superfluous COMPUTER conditional.
2/26/03 dhb Change definition of PR-650 meter type to 1.
8/26/10 dhb The PR-655 line called the PR-650 code. Change to call PR-655
3/8/11 dhb Pass syncMode option to speed things up for displays where it doesn’t work.
12/06/12 zlb Adding PR-705 support as meter type 6.

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