GetNTP - Query time from NTP server

socket = GetNTP( ‘open’, ‘hostname’ )
pkg = GetNTP( ‘read’, socket[, dbg ] )
GetNTP( ‘close’, socket )

GetNTP is a very simple pnet based NTP client to query time from an NTP
server over the network.

A pnet socket has to be created with the open command first. The read
command returns a structure with the fields timestamps, delay and rtt.
pkg.timestamps is a vector of four timestamps reflecting client send
time, server receive time, server transmit time, and client receive time.
pkg.delay is the network delay as specified by the NTP specification.
pkg.rtt is the round-trip-time.

If dbg is true the NTP header is decoded completely and added to the
returned structure including the NTP server’s reference timestamp for
debugging. Additionally server receive and transmit timestamps are
printed to the console in human readable format.

Note that any argument checking and error handling was omitted
intentionally to improve timing with NetStation synchronization.

Reference: Mills, D. L. (2006). Network Time Protocol Version 4
Reference and Implementation Guide. Retrieved May 21, 2017 from

Author: Andreas Widmann, University of Leipzig, 2017

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