[XYZ, qual] = MeasXYZ([meterType=1])

Measures XYZ tristimulus coordinates, luminance in

meterType 1 is the PR650 (default)
meterType 2 is the CVI (need CVIToolbox)) - Not yet implemented!
meterType 3 is the CRS Colorimeter
meterType 4 is the PR655
meterType 5 is the PR670
meterType 6 is the PR705 - Not yet implemented!
meterType 7 is the CRS ColorCal2.

Returns XYZ tristimulus coordinates in ‘XYZ’.
Returns quality code in ‘qual’: 0 = Ok. Other numbers mean trouble, e.g., -8
means “low light” ie. insufficient precision on some devices like the PR-xxx’s.

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