CMCheckInit([meterType], [PortString])

Initialize the color meter. The routine calls the
lower level routines for given ‘meterType’. If the low level routine
fails, this routine retries, then prompts the user to take appropriate
action. If the low level routine succeeds, this
routine is silent.

The following colormeters are supported:

meterType 1 is the PR650 (default)
meterType 2 is the CVI (need CVIToolbox)) - Not yet implemented!
meterType 3 is the CRS Colorimeter
meterType 4 is the PR655
meterType 5 is the PR670
meterType 6 is the PR705
meterType 7 is the CRS ColorCal2.

For the PR-series colorimeters, ‘PortString’ is the optional name of a
device string for the serial port or Serial-over-USB port to which the
device is connected. If none is given, the routine uses different files
and built-in defaults to try to find the proper port: If there is a file
‘CMPreferredPort.txt’ in the search path of Matlab/Octave, it will parse
that file for a PortString to use. Else it will use a hard-coded default
inside this routine.

If a calibration file with name ‘PRXXXPorts’ for the PR-XXX exists,
it will override what is in CMPrefferedPort.txt. There are two
possible formats for the structure in this file.
If the structure has a PortString field, this is passed to
routine FindSerialPort to get the actual port. Otherwise,
if the structure has a .in field, this string is used directly.

Other Colorimeters, e.g., CRS ColorCal, have their own specific setup
methods and this routine just calls their setup code with default

9/15/93 dhb Modified to use new CMInit properly.
1/18/94 jms Added gHardware switch
1/24/94 dhb Changed sign of gHardware switch.
2/20/94 dhb Call through CMETER rather than CM… routines.
4/4/00 dhb Optional port name, only used on SERIAL version.
9/11/00 dhb Added meterType.
1/4/02 dhb, ly Try to get OS9 version to work with Megawolf board and SERIAL.
1/10/02 dhb, ly Change calling convention. Remove passing of port, but read
port from a “calibration” file in PsychCalLocalData if it’s there.
4/13/02 dgp Cosmetic.
2/26/03 dhb Add CRS Colorimeter, change meter type of PR-650 to 1.
10/05/06 dhb, cgb OSX version.
11/27/07 mpr replaced hard coded portNameIn with FindSerialPort for OS X, and
attempted to make this more robust and user-friendly.
modifications tested only on Mac OS 10.5.1, Matlab 2007b, on
a Mac Pro. Other systems may require more tinkering…
2/07/09 mk, tbc Add PR-655 support.
2/07/09 mk Add experimental setup code for use of IOPort instead of SerialComm.
2/11/09 cgb,mk Small fixes: Now we use IOPort instead of SerialComm
by default. Verified to work for both PR650 and PR655 toolboxes.
7/16/12 dhb Choose right global default for 64-bit Matlab. Hope I
did this in a way that doesn’t break anything else.
7/20/12 dhb Undid 7/16/12 change. Error was due to a stale IOPort on my path
12/04/12 zlb Adding PR-705 support.
4/10/13 dhb More flexible behavior supported via PRXXXPorts calibration file.
1/25/13 dhb, ms More info printed on failure for PR-670 case. Trying to track down intermittant
failures to initialize when routine is called multiple times in a long calibration loop.
6/11/17 mk Remove dead SerialComm() driver path.

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