AddStructs - Merges input structs into one struct.
AddToMatlabPathDynamically - Add a directory tree to the Matlab path at runtime
AltSize - ALTSIZE is an extension of SIZE, it supports querying the size of multiple dimensions of a variable in one call.
AreStructsEqualOnFields - Are two structures the same on the passed list of fields?
Ask - Display message, get user’s response.
AssertGLSL - Require the OpenGL shading language is supported.
AssertMex - Detect missing mex file and exit with error.
AssertOpenGL - Require that Psychtoolbox be based on OpenGL.
AssertOSX - Require that Psychtoolbox be based on OS X.
BackupCluts - Make internal backup of (given) Cluts, for later restoration via RestoreCluts.
BlackIndex - Returns number that will produce the color black.
CatStr - Concatenate array or cell array of strings.
CenterMatOnPoint - Returns indices to center a matrix on a point.
Circle - Returns a boolean mask in the shape of a Circle.
CleanStruct - Deletes all empty structs and fields from a struct array, optionally recursively.
ComputeHDRStaticMetadataType1ContentLightLevels - Compute CTA-861-G static content light levels for an image or a cell array of images.
CreateUniformDotsIn3DFrustum - Sample dots in 3D frustum uniformly.
CropBlackEdges - Detects if there are any black edges around an image and returns indices that can be used to cut away these edges.
DeEmptify - Deletes empty cells or rows from cellarray.
DegToMrad - Convert angle in degrees to milliradians (mrad).
DescribeComputer - Print a description of the environment.
DotOffset - Calculate offsets for a 3D movement. Various per-dot options.
Ellipse - Returns a boolean mask in the shape of a (super-) Ellipse.
EnforcePos - Truncate negative values of a vector to 0.
Explode - Splits a numeric or character array by a delimiter or delimiter-pattern.
FillEmptyFields - Fill all empty fields of a struct(array) or all empty elements of a cellarray with specified value.
FindInd - Returns indices in all dimensions to non-zero elements in matrix.
FindRepeatAlongDims - Find repeated rows or columns in a matrix.
FunctionFolder - Get full path to folder containing passed function.
GetEchoNumber - Get a number typed on-screen.
GetEchoString - Get a string typed on-screen.
GetKbChar - Simple, limited replacement for GetChar(), using KbCheck for character input.
GetMyCaller - Returns the name of the calling function.
GetNumber - Get a number typed at the keyboard.
GetOctlibDir - Get path to Octave runtime libraries.
GetString - Get a string typed at the keyboard.
GetSubversionPath - Return path required to invoke snv.
GetSVNInfo - Find info on SVN version number of directory or file.
GetWithDefault - Get string or number with prompt and default value.
GrayIndex - Any graylevel from black (0) to white (1).
GroupStructArrayByFields - An aid to sorting data kept in structure arrays.
hexstr - Hex string of lowest 32 bits of any number.
ImageToVec - Convert a grayscale image to vector format.
Ind2Str - Converts numbers to characters (decimal to base 26 conversion). Useful for character indices.
Interleave - Interleaves any number of arrays. Can handle different data types.
IsACell - Tests (recursively–cells in cells) if a cell satisfies a user-supplied condition.
IsARM - Return if running on a processor with ARM architecture, typically a mobile or embedded system.
IsGLES - Return if the current rendering api in use is OpenGL-ES, the “OpenGL Embedded Subset”.
IsGLES1 - Return if the current rendering api in use is OpenGL-ES 1.x.
IsGUI - Is the Matlab or Octave GUI enabled in this session?
IsLinux - Shorthand for testing whether running under Linux.
IsMinimumOSXVersion - Query if this is a specific OS/X version or higher.
IsOctave - Shortand for testing whether running under Octave.
IsOSX - Return if running on a Apple OSX operating system.
IsWin - Return if running on a MS-Windows operating system.
Is64Bit - Return if script is running on a 64-Bit Octave or Matlab.
KbMapKey - Checks if any of specified keys is depressed in a vector returned by KbCheck, KbWait etc.
kPsychGUIWindow - Flag to ask Screen() to create onscreen windows with behaviour similar to normal GUI windows.
kPsychGUIWindowWMPositioned - Flag to ask Screen() to leave onscreen GUI window placement to the window manager.
LoadIdentityClut - Loads the identity CLUT on a specified monitor.
log10nw - Compute log base 10 without annoying warnings.
MacModelName - Mac model name, e.g. ‘PowerBook G4 15”’.
Magnify2DMatrix - Expand the size of a two-dimensional matrix via entry replication.
MakeBeep - Compute a beep of specified frequency and duration, for Snd.
MakeCosImage - Make a cosinusoidal image.
MakeGrid - Makes raster of elements centered on screen / in image (leftover space is divided equally over the edges).
MakeSincImage - Make a sinc image.
MakeSineImage - Make a sinusoidal image.
MapIndexColorThroughClut - Convert an index color image and clut to a true color image.
MergeCell - Concatenates contents of input cells element-wise.
MradToDeg - Convert angle in milliradians (mrad) to degrees.
NameBytes - Nicely format memory size for human readers.
NameFrequency - Nicely format clock rate for human readers.
NearestResolution - Find a screen resolution that most closely matches a requested resolution.
[OSName](OSName) - Convential English-language name of your operating system.
overrideBuiltInFunction - Temporarily run a different version of some function other than what is on the path.
PackColorImage - Pack three color planes into one m by n by three matrix.
ProgressBar - Displays a progress bar in MATLAB’s command window.
PsychDebugWindowConfiguration - Enable special debug window configuration to aid single display debugging.
PsychDefaultSetup - Setup various defaults for Psychtoolbox session.
PsychGPUControl - Control low-level operating parameters of certain supported GPU’s.
PsychNumel - Drop-in replacement for numel() on old Matlab versions that don’t support it.
psychrange(X [, dims]) - Drop in replacement for range() on Matlab without statistics toolbox.
PsychtoolboxRoot - Robust way to get path to Psychtoolbox folder, even if renamed.
RemoveMatchingPaths - Removes folders that contain a given string from the path.
RemoveSVNPaths - Removes “.svn” folders from the path.
Replace - Perform exact Replace on strings or numeric arrays.
Resolute - Cuts from and adds to a matrix to make it the specified dimensions.
RestoreCluts - Restore original CLUT’s for all monitors from backups made during LoadIdentityClut().
Rot3d - Rotates a matrix in 3D space (around the x, y or z axis) in 90 degrees steps.
SaveIdentityClut - Store current or given CLUT as identity LUT for use with LoadIdentityClut.
SaveMovieFrames - Displays a GUI in which a movie can be played and from which screenshots can be saved.
sca - Shorthand for Screen(‘CloseAll’). Using this is a good way to make your code obscure.
ScreenDacBits - What is precision of the graphics boardDACs. Currently returns 8 always.
SetResolution - Change display resolution, refresh rate and color depths to requested values.
ShrinkMatrix - Shrinks a 2-D or 3-D matrix (an image) by a factor.
SmartVec - Creates a vector/sequence that satisfies certain conditions.
SortCell - Sorts cell matrices containing different data types in different columns.
Speek - Use speech synthesis output to speak a given text. Mac OS/X only.
Stopwatch - Time intervals.
streq - strcmp.
StrPad - Makes a string a specified length, either by pre-padding it with a specified character or cutting from its beginning.
Struct2Vect - Returns (cell-) array with all values in a specified field of a structure array.
TextBounds - Draw string, return enclosing rect.
TextCenteredBounds - Draw string, centered, return enclosing rect.
UnpackColorImage - Extract three color planes from an m by n by 3 color image.
VecToImage - Convert a grayscale image from vector to image format.
WaitSetMouse - Set and wait for new cursor position to take effect.
WhiteIndex - Returns number that will produce the color white.
WindowCenter - Returns a window’s center point.
WindowSize - Returns a window’s width and height.
WinDesk - Sends command to windows shell to minimize all Windows, equal to Windows+M.
WrapString - Word wrap (break into lines).

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