[raster] = MakeGrid(nrow,ncol,xres,yres,plxres,plyres)

Makes raster of elements centered on screen / in image (leftover space is
divided equally over the edges)

ncol: number of columns
nrow: number of rows
xres: horizontal resolution of screen or image
yres: vertical resolution of screen or element
plxres: hor resolution of raster element (can be smaller than xres, not larger)
plyres: vert resolution of raster element (can be smaller than yres, not

raster: struct with boundaries of raster elements
is a matrix of structs of size number of raster elements
vertically X number of raster element horizontally

IH 2008
DN 2008 v1.1 - coordinates sometimes faulty
DN 2008 v1.2 - coordinates sometimes faulty (actually solved this
time) + input checking

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