string = GetString([useKbCheck=0][, deviceIndex][, untilTime=inf][, optional KbCheck arguments…])

Get a string typed at the keyboard. Entry is terminated by
<return> or <enter>.

If the optional flag ‘useKbCheck’ is set to 1 then KbCheck is used - with
potential optional additional ‘KbCheck args…’ for getting the string
from the keyboard. Otherwise GetChar is used. ‘useKbCheck’ == 1 is
restricted to standard alpha-numeric keys (characters, letters and a few
special symbols). It can’t handle all possible characters and doesn’t
work with non-US keyboard mappings. Its advantage is that it works
reliably on configurations where GetChar may fail, e.g., on MS-Vista and

Useful for i/o in a Screen window. Typed keys are not echoed.

See also: GetEchoString, GetNumber, GetEchoNumber

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