PsychDefaultSetup(featureLevel) - Perform standard setup for Psychtoolbox.

This function performs a few typical “boilerplate” setup operations
at the beginning of a script to avoid repetitive code at the top of
a script.

Add it at the top of your script, so all its settings affect successive
Psychtoolbox commands.

The parameter ‘featureLevel’ determines what kind of setup is
specifically performed. A higher number for ‘featureLevel’ will
include all setup steps and default settings for lower numbers
of ‘featureLevel’ and extend on them. E.g., a featureLevel of 2 would
imply all setup operations of featureLevel 0 and 1, plus some new
additional setup operations.

A ‘featureLevel’ of 0 will do nothing but execute the AssertOpenGL command,
to make sure that the Screen() mex file is properly installed and functional.

A ‘featureLevel’ of 1 will additionally execute KbName(‘UnifyKeyNames’) to
provide a consistent mapping of keyCodes to key names on all operating

A ‘featureLevel’ of 2 will additionally imply the execution of
Screen(‘ColorRange’, window, 1, [], 1); immediately after and whenever
PsychImaging(‘OpenWindow’,…) is called, thereby switching the default
color range from the classic 0-255 integer number range to the normalized
floating point number range 0.0 - 1.0 to unify color specifications
across differently capable display output devices, e.g., standard 8 bit
displays vs. high precision 16 bit displays. Please note that clamping of
valid color values to the 0 - 1 range is still active and colors will
still be represented by 256 discrete levels (8 Bit resolution), unless
you also use PsychImaging() commands to request unclamped color
processing or floating point precision framebuffers. This function by
itself only changes the range, not the precision of color specifications!

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