Break and issue an error message if the installed Psychtoolbox is not
based on OpenGL or Screen() is not working properly.
To date there are four versions of the Psychtoolbox, each based on a
different graphics library:

OS9: Psychtoolbox-2, based on Apple’s QuickDraw.
Win: Psychtoolbox-2, based on Direct X and GDI.
Win: OpenGL for the ported OSX-Psychtoolbox, aka Psychtoolbox-3.
OSX: OpenGL for Psychtoolbox-3.
Linux: OpenGL for Psychtoolbox-3.

The Psychtoolboxes based on OpenGL are partially incompatible (see below)
with previous Psychtoolboxes. A script which relies on the OpenGL
Psychtoolbox should call AssertOpenGL so that it will issue the
appropriate warning if a user tries to run it on a computer with a
non-OpenGL based Psychtoolbox installed.

OpenGL-based Psychtoolboxes are distinguised by the availability of these


If you know you’re using Psychtoolbox-3, then the most likely cause for
this error message is a problem in the configuration of your
Matlab/Octave + System setup, or in the Psychtoolbox installation.

Typically either the Screen MEX file can’t be found or accessed, due to
some wrong Matlab/Octave path (Proper Screen file not in path), or due
to some permission issue (insufficient security access permissions -
typically found on MS-Windows systems), or the Screen MEX file can’t be
loaded and initialized due to some missing or wrong system library on
your machine, e.g., the C runtime library is of an incompatible type.
Simply type the command “Screen” at the prompt to see if this may be an

In both cases, indicated by some “file not found” or “file could not by
accesses” or “invalid MEX file” error message, you may want to run the
SetupPsychtoolbox command again. This will either fix the problem for
you by reconfiguring Psychtoolbox, or it will provide more diagnostic
error and troubleshooting messages. Make also sure that you read the
troubleshooting tips in the “Download” and “Frequently asked questions”
sections of our Psychtoolbox Wiki at

See also: IsOSX, IsWin, IsLinux.

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