[vec] = Interleave(varargin)
Interleaves any number of vectors and scalars
input is taken from consequetive elements of each input variable until a
variable runs out.
Output will be a columnvector.
Output will be cell if any of the inputs is cell.
Output will be char if none of the input is cell and any of the inputs is

a = [A A A], b= [B B], c= [C C C C], d=D
out = Interleave(a,b,c,d)
out = [A B C D A B C A C C];

DN 06-11-2007
DN 23-01-2008 updated to support scalars and conversion to char
DN 28-04-2008 simplified input checking
DN 28-05-2008 bugfix mixing numeric and char
DN 09-06-2011 Now works fine with empty inputs. Few changes for compatibility
with Octave, might have more up ahead.

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