Handle missing or dysfunctional MEX files on Matlab or Octave.


AssertMex detects missing mex files. Calling AssertMex from
your help file, e.g. foo.m, asserts the existence of a mex file foo.mex.
If no such mex file exists then AssertMex will exit with an error.

Assert Mex is useful for detecting the error condition when a .m help
file is mistakenly executed because the correspondig .mex file is
missing. When foo.mex is missing, MATLAB silently executes the help file
foo.m instead. Calling AssertMex within foo.m detects and reports that
error. E.g., in Screen.m you’ll find AssertMex(‘Screen.m’) to handle
missing or dysfunctional Screen mex files properly.

See also: AssertOpenGL, COMPUTER, IsOSX, IsWin

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