Colorimetric and spectral calculations. See also Psychtoolbox:PsychColorimetricData.
And also see the closely related Psychtoolbox:PsychRadiometric. Sometimes it is
not entirely clear whether a routine should be classified as colorimetric or
radiometric. Apologies if our intuitions don’t match yours

AbsorbanceToAbsorbtance - Obsolete. Use AbsorbanceToAbsorptance (spelling fixed).
AbsorbanceToAbsorptance - Convert absorbance to absorptance spectrum.
AbsorbtanceToAbsorbance - Obsolete. Use AbsorptanceToAbsorbance (spelling fixed).
AbsorptanceToAbsorbance - Convert absorptance to absorbance spectrum.
CheckWls - Check consistency of two wavelength descriptions.
ComputeDE - Compute vector length between matrix columns.
ComputeDE2000_Lab - Compute deltaE values (CIEDE200) for color pairs given in L*a*b* coordinates.
ComputeDKL_M - Compute transformation matrix for DKL color space.
ComputeAxialDensity - Compute axial optical density from specific density and path length.
ComputePhotopigmentBleaching - Compute fraction of photopigment bleached.
ConeIncToDKL - Convert from cone increments to DKL.
ContrastToExcitation - Convert contrast to excitation coordinate.
ContrastToIncrement - Convert contrast to incremental coordinates.
ConvertRGBSourceToRGBTargetColorSpace - Convert an image from a RGB source colorspace to a RGB target colorspace.
DKLToConeInc - Convert from DKL to cone increments.
DrawChromaticity - Plot chromaticity diagram w spectrum locus (provided by Danny Garside).
EffectiveTrolandsFromLum - Compute effective trolands from luminance.
EnergyToCones - Convert monochromatic energy to cone excitations.
ExcitationToContrast - Convert excitation coordinates to contrast.
FindCmfPeaks - Find the peak wavelength and values of a set of color matching functions.
FindCovLinMod - Find linear model from covariance matrix.
FindLinMod - Find linear model for an ensemble of vectors.
FindModelWeights - Find the weights with respect to a linear model.
FToRatio - Subroutine for Lab/Luv conversions.
GenerateBlackBody - Generate spectra for black body radiators.
GenerateCIEDay - Generate CIE daylights.
IncrementToContrast - Convert incremental coordinates to contrast.
IsomerizationsFromAbsorbptions - Compute isomerization rate from absorption rate.
LabToXYZ - Convert from Lab to XYZ.
LjgToXYZ - Convert from OSA UCS Ljg to XYZ (10 degree).
LumToRadiance - Get spectral radiance from luminance and relative spectrum of source.
LumToTrolands - Convert luminance (cd/m2) to trolands.
LuvToXYZ - Convert from Luv to XYZ.
LMSToMacBoyn - Convert from cones to MacLeod-Boynton chromaticity.
MakeFourierBasis - Make a set of Fourier component basis functions.
MakeGaussBasis - Make a set of Gaussian basis functions.
MakeItS - Force wavelength sampling spec. to S format.
MakeItStruct - Force wavelength sampling spec. to struct foramt.
MakeItWls - Force wavelength sampling spec. to wls format.
MakeMonoPrimary - Make the spd of a monochromatic primary.
MakeOrtho - Make a set of basis functions orthonormal.
MakeUnitLength - Make the columns of a matrix have unit length.
MonoImageToSRGB - Convert a monochrome image to an sRGB color image at passed chromaticity.
M_PToP - Conversion matrix from source/dest. primaries.
M_PToT - Conversion matrix from source primaries and dest. cmfs.
M_TToP - Conversion matrix from source cmfs and dest. primaries.
M_TToT - Conversion matrix from source/dest. cmfs.
PhotonAbsorptionRate - Compute photon absoroption rate.
PupilDiameterFromLum - Estimate pupil diameter from luminance.
PsychMunsell - Munsell renotation to xyY conversion.
RetIrradianceToIsoRecSec - Convert retinal irradiance (power units) to iso. per receptor per second.
RGBToXYZMatrix - Build a 3x3 CSC matrix for converting some RGB color space to XYZ space.
SampleCircle - Sample points on a circle.
SampleSphere - Sample points on a sphere.
ShiftSpectra - Shift a spectral function along the wavelength axis.
SPDToCCT - Find correlated color temperature of a spectrum.
SPDToLinSPD - Find approximation within specified linear model.
SPDToMetSPD - Find a metameric spd.
SplineCmf - Spline color matching functions to new wavelength sampling.
SplineRaw - Subroutine for other spline functions.
SplineSpd - Spline a spectral power distribution to new wavelength sampling.
SplineSrf - Spline a surface reflectance function to new wavelength sampling.
SRGBPrimaryToXYZ - Convert between sRGB primary coordinates and XYZ.
SRGBGammaCorrect - Convert between sRGB primary coordinates and 8-bit RGB values.
SRGBGammaUncorrect - Convert between sRGB 8-bit RGB values and primary coordinates.
SToWls - Convert S wavelength sampling spec to wls format.
TriToMetSPD - Compute metamer from tristimulus coordinates.
WattsToRetIrradiance - Get absolute retinal irradiance (power units) from rel. spectrum and watts/area.
uvTols - Convert between CIE u’v’ and a cone based (ls) chromaticity.
uvToxy - Convert between CIE u’v’ and CIE xy chromaticity.
uvYToXYZ - Convert between u’v’Y and XYZ.
WlsToS - Convert wls wavelength sampling spec to S format.
WlsToT - Compute identity color matching matrix from wavelength sampling.
xyTouv - Convert CIE xy chromaticity to CIE u’v’ chromaticity.
xyYToXYZ - Convert between xyY and XYZ.
XYZToF - Subroutine for Lab/Luv calculations.
XYZToLab - Convert between XYZ and Lab.
XYZToLjg - Convert between XYZ (10 degree) and OSA UCS Ljg.
XYZToLuv - Convert between XYZ and Luv.
XYZToRGBMatrix - Build a 3x3 CSC matrix for converting XYZ space to some RGB color space.
XYZToSRGBPrimary - Convert between XYZ and sRGB primary coordinates.
[XYZTouv](XYZTouv) - Compute uv chromaticities from XYZ.
XYZTouvY - Convert between XYZ and u’v’Y.
XYZToxyY - Convert between XYZ and xyY.

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