[MCSC, outImage] = ConvertRGBSourceToRGBTargetColorSpace(srcGamut, dstGamut [, image]);

Convert an image from a RGB source colorspace to a RGB target colorspace.

Given two 2-by-4 matrices with the CIE 1931 2D chromaticity coordinates of
the color primaries red, green, blue and white-point of a source RGB
colorspace and a destination RGB colorspace, build and return a 3-by-3
colorspace conversion matrix to convert colors from the source colorspace
to the target colorspace. Optionally apply the matrix to a RGB or RGBA
input image, converting it from source to target colorspace.

‘srcGamut’ must be the 2-by-4 matrix with the primaries and white-point
of the source color gamut / colorspace.

‘dstGamut’ can be a 2-by-4 matrix with the primaries and white-point
of the destination color gamut / colorspace. Alternatively, you can pass
in the window handle of an open Psychtoolbox onscreen window. In the
latter case, the function will query that onscreen window for its
currently assigned colorspace as a convenience. Please note that
onscreen windows do not have any specific colorspace assigned by
default, so passing in a window handle to such a window will result in
this function turning into a no-operation, ie. it will return an identity
3-by-3 matrix and do nothing to a passed in image. HDR onscreen windows
as requested via PsychImaging(‘AddTask’, ‘General’, ‘EnableHDR’); will
have a suitable HDR display colorspace assigned, e.g., the Rec-2020
colorspace for typical HDR-10 display operation.

‘image’ is an optional m-by-n-by-3 RGB or m-by-n-by-4 RGBA image matrix.
If provided, the colorspace conversion will be applied to that image and
the converted image will be returned as 2nd optional ‘outImage’ return

Return arguments:

‘MCSC’ is the 3-by-3 colorspace conversion matrix for going from the
source colorspace to the target colorspace.

‘outImage’ is a converted version of the optional ‘image’ input image. If
‘image’ is omitted then ‘outImage’ is an [] empty matrix.

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