[T_out] = SplineCmf(wls_in, T_in, wls_out, [extend])

Convert the wavelength representation of a color matching functions/
spectral sensitivities.

Handling of out of range values:
extend == 0: Cubic spline, extends with zeros [default]
extend == 1: Cubic spline, extends with last value in that direction
extend == 2: Linear interpolation, linear extrapolation

T_in may have multiple rows, in which case T_out does as well.

wls_in and wls_out may be specified as a column vector of
wavelengths or as a [start delta num] description.

7/26/03 dhb Add extend argument and pass to SplineRaw.
8/22/05 pbg Changed T_out to include the extend variable (previously was
hardwired to “1”.
8/13/11 dhb Update comment to reflect changes in SplineRaw.

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