[photonAbsorptionRate] =…
PhotonAbsorptionRate (irradianceInQuanta, irradianceS, absorptanceSpectra, absorptanceSpectraS, collectingDiameter)

Compute photons being absorbed per photoreceptor per sec, given the spectrum incident on the
photoreceptor array. We typically take the collecting area of a photoreceptor to be the inner segement

Spatial units for this routine are um, which are convenient for photoreceptor calculations. Be sure
to convert your incident spectrum to these units. The retinal irradiance is passed in quantal units. Note
that routines EnergyToQuanta and QuantaToEnergy are available for your converting pleasure.

Can handle multiple photoreceptor types. Put each absopbtance spectrum in a row of matrix
absorptanceSpectra, put corresponding collecting diameters in column vector collectingDiameter.

photonAbsorptionRate: quanta/sec/photorecptor
irradianceInQuanta: quanta/um^2-sec-wlinterval
absorptanceSpectra: probability an incident quantum will be absorbed.
collectingDiameter (um^2)

05/06/03 lyin Wrote it
06/12/03 lyin Change the way variable being passed.
06/26/03 dhb Change computation of area to pi*r^2 rather than pi*d^2!
06/26/03 dhb Change to expect absorptanceSpectra and collectingDiameter in rows.
7/08/03 dhb Cosmetic.
7/09/03 dhb Take input in quantal units.

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