Colorimetric data and some data driven colorimetric calculations.
i) Subfolder ColorimetricMatFiles contains .mat files with basic data.

ii) Functions here return various standard data – many routines
take a string argument that allows access to estimates from different

The data routines here are closely coupled to the calculation routines
in PsychColorimetric. The conceptual dividing line between the two folders is
somewhat blurry.

BaylorNomogram - Baylor et al. photopigment nomogram.
ComputeCIEConeFundamentals - Compute cone fundamentals according to CIE 170-1:2006
ComputeRawConeFundamentals - Compute cone fundamentals from specification of various components
DawisNomogram - Dawis (1981) photopigment nomogram.
DefaultPhotoreceptors - Set default values for photoreceptors structure.
DegreesToRetinalMM - Convert foveal retinal extents from degrees to mm of retina.
DegreesToRetinalEccentricityMM - Convert retinal eccentricities from degrees to mm of retina
EyeLength - Return estimate of distance between nodal point and retina.
FillInPhotoreceptors - Convert from data source specification to numeric values in photoreceptors structure.
FitConeFundamentalsWithNomogram - Try to fit CIE cone fundamentals with absorbance from various nomograms.
GovardovskiiNomogram - Govardoskii et al. (2000) A1 photopigment nomogram.
JuddVosToSmithPorkorny - Get Smith-Pokorny fundamentals from Judd-Vos XYZ.
LambNomogram - Lamb’s (1995) photopigment nomogram.
LensTransmittance - Return transmittance of human lens.
MacularTransmittance - Return transmittance of human macular pigment.
PhotopigmantAxialDensity - Estimate of peak optical density.
PhotopigmantNomogram - Encapsulate available nomogram computations.
PhotopigmentSpecificDensity - Estimates of specific density.
PhotopigmentQuantalEfficiency - Estimates of photopigment quantal efficiency.
PhotoreceptorDimensions - Estimates of various photoreceptor dimensions.
PrintPhotoreceptors - Print out what is in photoreceptor structure.
PupilDiameterFromLum - Estimate pupil diameter from luminance.
RetinalEccentricityMMToDegrees - Convert retinal eccentricities from mm of retina to degrees.
RetinalMMToDegrees - Convert foveal retinal extents from mm of retina to degrees.
ShiftPhotopigmentAbsorbance - Shift an absorbance along a log wavelength axis.
StockmanSharpeNomogram - Stockman/Sharpe photopigment nomogram (not finished).
ValetonVanNorrenParams - Return parameters of the Valeton-Van Norren model.

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