RGB = SRGBGammaCorrect(rgb,[SCALE])

Gamma correct according to sRGB standard.

SCALE = 0: No scaling applied to input rgb. Input values > 1 truncated to 1.
SCALE = 1: Input data scaled to max of 1. (Default).

Input values less than 0 are truncated to zero.

The gamma correction stage of the SRGB standard converts inputs in the
range [0,1] into gamma corrected output in the same range.

This routine then multiplies the [0,1] output by 255 and quantizes
to integer values. None-the-less, it still returns the output as
a double (rather than uint8) matrix. I (DHB) am not sure this was
a good design decision, but am for now (6/15/11) leaving it as is
to avoid breaking code that relies on the current implementation.
[Smarter, I think would have been to return values in the [0,1] range
and leave the quantization to the caller, or else to convert to uint8
after scaling into [0,255].]

See XYZToSRGBPrimary for comment on evolution of the standard
and of this implementation.

5/1/04 dhb Wrote it.
7/8/10 dhb Updated to match standard I can now find on the web.
6/15/11 dhb, ms Clarify input output range issues in comment
07/31/20 dhb Get rid of spurious call to clear, which is slow.
More efficient truncation into range.

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