The Daq Toolbox functions.

* Analog input/output commands *
DaqAIn Read analog in
DaqAInScan Scan analog channels
DaqAInStop Stop input scan
DaqAInScanBegin Begin sampling.
DaqAInScanContinue Continue sampling: transfer data from Mac OS to PsychHID.
DaqAInScanEnd End sampling: data are returned.
DaqALoadQueue Set channel gains
DaqAOut Write analog out
DaqAOutScan Clocked analog out
DaqAOutStop Stop output scan

* Digital input/output commands *
DaqDConfigPort Configure digital port
DaqDIn Read digital ports
DaqDOut Write digital port
DaqDConfigPortBit Configure individual port bits
DaqDReadBit Read single bit from digital port
DaqDWriteBit Write single bit to digital port

* Miscellaneous commands *
DaqDeviceIndex Get reference(s) to our device(s)
DaqFind Return DeviceIndex iff one device is connected
DaqBlinkLED Cause LED to blink
DaqCInit Initialize counter
DaqCIn Read counter
DaqGetAll Retrieve all analog and digital input values
DaqGetStatus Retrieve device status
DaqReset Reset the device
DaqSetCal Set CAL output
DaqCalibrateAIn for 1608 only; measure and store calibration data
DaqSetSync Configure sync
DaqSetTrigger Configure ext. trigger

* Memory commands *
DaqMemRead Read memory
DaqMemWrite Write memory
DaqReadCode Read program memory
DaqPrepareDownload Prepare for program memory download
DaqWriteCode Write program memory
DaqWriteSerialNumber Write a new serial number to device

See also Daq, DaqTest, DaqPins, DaqCalls, DaqCodes,
DaqDeviceIndex, DaqDIn, DaqDOut, DaqAIn, DaqAOut, DaqAInScan,DaqAOutScan.

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